The operation of the DataFutsal real-time application is intuitive and easy. The operation is simple, just register the athletes, then the game actions. Okay, you can now add your matches and do your data collection. See below for details of each function. Works on tablets and smartphones running Android or web version.

In addition, there are other interesting positive points in the application, which are:

  • Funcionamento em Tempo Real: Precisa compartilhar informações de jogadas ou estatísticas com outro celular ou tablet durante uma partida? Basta os dois ou mais dispositivos estarem conectados na mesma conta e online, qualquer nova informação é compartilhada por todos sem necessidade de atualização da pagina. A sincronização e exibição é automática.
  • Fully offline operation: If you ever run out of internet, no problem, all functions can be used offline, including athlete registration;
  • Fast navigation;
  • Simplified registrations;
  • And much more.

See below for more details:


Once logged in, you can use all App functions normally. In addition, the system issues messages informing you when the data was saved locally and when it was saved to the datafutsal cloud. That is, there is no need to click anything, just connect or disconnect, the application automatically detects the connection.


If you have an internet connection, you can use more than one device at a time to access and record data. As a result, you can open scout or any other function at the same time on two or more smartphones for example, or use the real-time web version and the smartphone at the same time.

Each time an action is registered on a device, its registration appears instantly on the other screen, without needing to be updated or synchronized.


With DataFutsal Real-time, you don’t need an internet connection to use scout. But if you have a connection, you can use the Real-time option.

During the match you can add game moments, goals, cards, see real-time statistics even offline and much more. You can even turn off your smartphone/tablet/notebook after game, your data will remain saved, even without internet.

Other functions of Scout module:

  • Real-time statistical analysis;
  • Exclusion of bids at any time of departure if necessary;
  • Division of the court into 32 zones;
  • Fault control;
  • Division of the goal into 12 entry zones;
  • Card control;
  • Game score;
  • Playing time;
  • Information about the origin of the goal.​


What data is important for you to analyze during a match? And after the match? And during the league?

With DataFutsal, you monitor and analyze statistics without the need for spreadsheets or endless paper notes. In other words, just make your data collection, the system generates the information tabulated in graphs, also informing in which part of the 32 zones where the action of the game occurred and in the case of goals it is still possible to see which move originated the goal, in which area of the court it originated and in what was the zone of entry of the ball into the goal.

Statistical data are divided into:

  • Goals: with graph and table of goals by origin, by athlete, mapping, separated by goals scored and goals conceded;
  • Cards: with athlete’s name, card playing time and card reason;
  • Moments: Table of the amount of game moments by type, accompanied by a graph and the mapping of the court where the bids occurred;
  • Fouls: Tables and graphs about the origin of fouls for and against and athletes involved;
  • Substitutions: Available in match statistics to track who in and out on the court;
  • In statistics by match, you can observe the whole match or divided by stages.


DataFutsal allows you to track the statistics of your athletes, being able to observe the details and thus having the opportunity to work the most deficient fundamentals of the player, thus leaving the chance for him and the club to grow. Directly from the initial list you can access your statistical data for tracking. And how is the athlete surrendering? Is it worth keeping him in the cast? How many game moments has he been responsible for at the club? How many goals has he scored in the tournament? and how many cards during your entire club term? Does he suffer many fouls? All these questions are easy to answer with DataFutsal Real-time, always with quantification accompanied by graphs and court mapping.

Thus, the functions available on the athletes tab are:

  • Register Athlete, with photos, name, number, surname and position;
  • General statistics of each athlete with just one click;
  • In the athlete’s statistics it is possible to see a panel of goals scored, goals conceded (goalkeeper), detailing the amount of registered throws mapped by court area;


The registration of the match is the last step before the scout. It is in this screen where you inform who will be your opponent, which championship will be played and where and when the match will be held. The opponent and the championships are registered at the moment of the match, if they are not already registered.

Then, after registering the match, you list the athletes who will play this match. This function is available on the second button of the match list.

It is the third button that opens the scout of a match, a function that was explained earlier on this page. And on this screen also, with just one click, you can view the statistics of each match.

Therefore, the operation of this tab includes:

  • Registration and exclusion of a match;
  • Relate athletes to a match;
  • Start scout module;
  • View statistics after match.


This is the module where you configure your system and customize it. It is in this module that you can register each game action you want to manage, for example: full tackles, incomplete tackles, counterattacks, assist, etc. By default, you do not need to register goals, fouls, cards and finishes as they are automatically available in scout. However, to register new game moments or delete those that are already registered (except for the default game moments) you need to go to the settings and click “Game Moments”.

Then, in this module you can also view your payments, cancel your plan if you wish, change your password, send a message stating a problem encountered and much more.

Therefore, the operation of this module has:

  • Change your custom Game moments;
  • Register Game Moments;
  • View signature data;
  • Change subscribe or unsubscribe;
  • Change Password;
  • Change registration data;
  • Send error message;
  • Submit a suggestion;
  • See the manual;
  • Reset the app to start over;

To subscribe to the app, click here: